Why does TomTom MOBILE 5 not start?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 21:34 UTC, January 31st 2006


Q. I've installed TomTom MOBILE 5 on my Nokia smartphone and the icon's there in the applications screen, but when I activate it the screen just goes white as if it was starting OK and then the icon reappears. Any ideas?


A. It's almost certainly low RAM (i.e. the dynamic memory used for running applications) - TomTom MOBILE 5 is extremely hungry! Press and hold the Menu key and you'll see anything that's currently running. Close down anything non-essential (either by switching to it and using 'Exit' or by pressing the 'C' key from the pop-up list). After this, you should have around 7 or 8MB of RAM free. TomTom MOBILE 5 should then start OK (it needs around 6MB).


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