Why can I send MMS messages but not receive them?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 13:59 UTC, February 3rd 2006


Q. I can send MMS messages, but I can't actually receive them. When someone sends a picture to me, I don't see the actual picture. but a link to a page on my network provider's web site instead. I've double checked the MMS settings and they seem to be correct.


A. This is usually not a problem with the handset, but that your network operator's servers don't know that you are able to receive MMS. Contact them and request that they enable your account for multimedia messaging.



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Try sending an MMS from your handset, back to your handset, provided your correct settings/ profiles are active on your phone, that is the final step to activate your mms on most networks, saves you the trouble ringing support ;)

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