Syncing bookmarks? To where?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 15:45 UTC, January 18th 2007


Q. When I synchronize my S60 smartphone using PC Suite, status messages appear along the lines of 'Sending bookmarks 27 of 27'. Where do these appear on my PC?


A. The bookmark syncing in PC Suite currently only works in one direction, the idea being that you find something interesting in Services and bookmark it. When you next sync, these bookmarked pages are inserted into Internet Explorer's Favourites list, in a folder called 'Mobile bookmarks'.

The concept's flawed though, partly because we're all using Services less and less, and Web and Opera Mini more and more, and partly because quite a few people now use different browsers on their PCs too, e.g. Firefox. Still, at least you now know what PC Suite's trying to do!


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Platforms: Series 60, S60 3rd Edition

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