Struggles with PC Suite's 'Transfer music' function

Published by Steve Litchfield at 11:54 UTC, March 24th 2006


Q. I'm struggling with PC Suite's 'Transfer music' function. Tracks seem to transfer very slowly and sometimes don't make it at all.


A. Using the current (2004/2005) Nokia PC Suite 'Transfer Music' utility is more than a little clunky, we'll admit. Nokia know this too, and the new Series 60 v3 devices are hopefully coming with Windows Media Player compatibility, which should prove far more foolproof.

It's worth noting that in the meantime the fastest way by far to get music onto your smartphone is to rip it as normal on the PC or Mac and then simply copy the relevant folders of music tracks onto your smartphone's expansion cadr using a card reader. See Rafe's Mass Storage tutorial and Steve's Music article as examples of ways to go about this.

UPDATE: Version 6.8 of PC Suite has a whole new music interface and is well worth a try. Music transfer is more foolproof, although it's still nowhere near as fast as using a card reader.


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