Saving your Wi-Fi WPA password

Published by Steve Litchfield at 14:59 UTC, November 23rd 2006


Q. My W-LAN (Wi-Fi) network at home uses WPA encryption, but I have to enter my password every time I want to get online. How can I get the smartphone to remember a particular password?


A. It's not obvious, but there is a place for this password. Go into 'Tools | Settings | Connection | Access points'. 'Edit' your Wi-Fi access point name (e.g. "Steve's home"), scroll down and select the dialog line marked 'WLAN security setting'.

In the following dialog, change 'WPA mode' to 'Pre-shared key' and you'll see a different second line appear, with the latter name. Use it to type in your WPA password and then 'Back' out of all the dialogs back to Settings.

Now try going online using your Wi-Fi network again. No password asked for!


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And for WEP security the procedure is...? (Noting the different menus)

Also, any idea why when an Access Point dialog is launched by some programs, it won't show the Home Network, yet lists every other GPRS access point, even though the Home Network is defined and working as an AP?
lists every other GPRS access point,

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