Resetting wallpaper: harder than it looks!

Published by Steve Litchfield at 15:49 UTC, August 23rd 2010


Q. My daughter set an image from my gallery as 'Wallpaper' on my S60 phone and now I can't seem to get rid of it. I've tried changing the theme (including using the default one) and rebooting. What am I missing?


A. You were on the right track, thinking about themes, but you're missing a setting in the main 'Themes' menu (usually found under 'Tools', either on its own or as part of 'Settings>Personalisation', depending on device). For S60 3rd Edition onwards, 'Wallpaper' has now been brought into its own slot under the 'Themes' umbrella.

I.e. simply changing the 'general' theme is not enough – you also have to:

  1. Scroll down the 'Themes' menu and find 'Wallpaper'
  2. In the dialog, choose 'Default'

Easy when you know how, but we do agree that Nokia really should simplify their Settings hierarchy and then stop fiddling

(This original text of mine was originally published in Smartphone Essentials magazine and re-purposed here with kind permission)


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