Problems sending faxes

Published by Steve Litchfield at 13:02 UTC, June 1st 2006


Q. I have tried to get faxing to work with my Nokia Communicator, but every fax I try to send (from Messaging) causes an 'F' to appear in the corner of the screen and I am then told that the fax failed. How can I fix this?


A. The Nokia 9300 and 9500 are pretty good at sending and receiving faxes, but you'll need some help from your network operator (e.g. Vodafone). You need to ask their support team to enable fax on your mobile number. Depending on your operator, this may mean you are given a separate fax number for the purpose of sending and receiving faxes. Note also that there may be an extra monthly charge, depending on the terms of your current mobile phone contract.


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