My phone remembers too much about me!

Published by Steve Litchfield at 8:47 UTC, August 25th 2010


Q. I'm worried about securing my sensitive data on my Symbian phone should it be lost. I've got the really personal stuff in Handy Safe Pro, but I'm talking here about about auto-logins for Gmail and web forums (both using login data from previous sessions). I'm also worried about securing notes and downloaded emails.


A. You're right to be worried about your stolen phone 'remembering' enough to get the thief into email and forums, but it goes without saying that one of the first things you should do after noting your phone gone is to change your email password and those of any critical sites or forums where you normally get logged in automatically. If remembering these is too much hassle, then make yourself a check list for such an eventuality.

There are some sophisticated encryption utilities, but if you don't things to get too complicated (and after all you already have most of your info encrypted), then an alternative is simply to set a sensible 'Phone autolock period' in 'Settings>Phone>Phone Management>Security settings>Phone and SIM card' (the location of this setting may vary slightly from device to device), so that after a period of inactivity (while he is busy escaping the scene of the crime?), the thief will need your PIN to get back in to use the phone, back at his base.

Oh, and if you need it, the default lock code on all Nokia phones is '12345'.

(This original text of mine was originally published in Smartphone Essentials magazine and re-purposed here with kind permission)


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