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Published by Steve Litchfield at 9:13 UTC, August 25th 2010


Q. Help! I've bought a Nokia N96 and, after inserting my memory card, Music player's now giving me 'System error' when I try and refresh my music library. My card has all sorts of useful files on it, can I solve the problem without formatting it?


A. Yes, the problem is probably caused by a corrupt music file on the card. But, assuming that it's no problem for you to reload any music from your desktop PC or Mac, the easiest thing to do is to first of all delete the 'Music' folder (or similar - the exact name and location will vary depending on how you loaded music onto the card in the first place - probably on an old device) and then remove the card completely. Now 'Refresh' your music library again and you should find that this works fine, proving that the N96's Mass memory and Music player itself are OK. Now insert the memory card and you should find that Music player goes off to index it. Without the problem file(s), the index building will proceed without error. You can now copy on folders of music from your desktop back onto the memory card, if needed, and then 'Refresh' again, if necessary.

(This original text of mine was originally published in Smartphone Essentials magazine and re-purposed here with kind permission)


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