I've forgotten my lock code. How can I get back into my smartphone?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 19:50 UTC, February 15th 2006


Q. I've forgotten my lock code. How can I get back into my smartphone? I've tried hard resetting it to factory conditions, but still it demands my forgotten code!


One solution is to take it to your local Nokia support centre, where reflashing the phone's firmware will also wipe out the lock code and reset it to '12345'. (There may be a charge) This will, of course, wipe all data on the internal disk of the device, though you can restore your last backup (and/or sync from Outlook) when you get it back. Everything on the expansion card will be safe.

One free alternative is to use the applet currently at http://nfader.z-host.ru/, which generates a master code from your IMEI number and you can use this to gain access and reset the lock code yourself.


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pls help :frown: :frown:
i forgot my lock code
anyone pls help
imei : 359726004114994
I am having a similar problem. However the master code generated is not accepted in place of the lock code. I have a Nokia E61i and need to put another SIM in while travelling. I did not bring my USB connection with me so I can not reflash the firmware, and I am in Scotland where there are no Nokia stores (apparently). Do you have any idea why the master code is not working? Or any other suggestions?

I am having a similar problem
same here..any other solution??
If you are looking for your unlock code of the phone then first of all go to service center they will reset your phone so it will able to use in proper way and you do not have to go any repair this phone because it is not other problem its totally west your money.
so happy so sad

which one is better?

have no idea about this

I hope you can assist me because i have tried everything i can possibly do.

I have Nokia E65 and i forgot the lock code, i have tried the soft scan code as well as the deep scan code but without any luck.

I have also tried using the Master code which is 0356676170 and my IMEI number is 353263017671576.

Before i can give Nokia more money is there another way for me to reset this for free trying to save the cost.:frown:
jApi NL
Try the "Vulcan Death Grip" , see instructions in my post here :

Nokia default securitycode : 12345
When it doesn't work at first , repeat it a few times .

:) Regards jApi NL

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