How on earth do I install software?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 8:39 UTC, June 28th 2006


Q. I want to install games/software and I dont know how. When I connect to the phone via USB cable under Data Transfer, I don't know where to put the files... there are too many folders and everything's too complicated.


A. Why are you using 'Data Transfer' mode? Select 'PC Suite' as normal (when plugging in the mini-USB cable into the device) and you'll be able to double-click on SIS installation files and have PC Suite sort out installation for you.

No need to know about files or folders whatsoever.....


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Not all of us use Windows my friend!! Some of us use Apple and Linux machines too.

I have the same problem. Plug in the cable and the phone contents is mounted on the desktop as a drive. Now where should we put the SIS files?

Put the .sis (or .sisx, or .jar) files anywhere, and open them with File Manager, or Application Manager.

I usually just drop them at the root directory (folder) of the memory card.
Somebody help me! I've tried installing applications like "agile messenger" , "GoBoy" etc on my phone and except for a couple of apps. i've not been able to get anything installed. It says "Installation of ... .Sis not supported. This is getting very frustrating. Hope that someone can help me out!
For wondows, download install program is exe. You may download it on you computer then open it, it will say how to do...
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I am facing one & the same problem while installing the game. It becomes much complex for me while installing it. :con?
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