How can large numbers of contacts be beamed in one go?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 21:42 UTC, January 31st 2006


Q. I've fitted my partner out with a cheap Series 60 smartphone (a Nokia 6670) and need to get our 'master' contacts set over from my Nokia 9500 to her device. I've beamed the most used dozen or so entries, but I can't face beaming five hundred others! How can this be automated?


A. Well, in principle, you could set her smartphone up as a new device for synchronisation in PC Suite, but why risk messing up your sync settings when there's a simpler and easier way? First up, grab SmartvCard for both devices. Install this on the Nokia 9500 . The trial version is quite adequate for your use here, although do consider registering it if you use it again in the future. Press 'Export' on its front screen and wait while your Contacts are read in. Now press the 'Add All' command button and then 'Export'.

You'll end up with 'contacts.vcf', which needs sending over to the 6670. The only catch is that you can't do it directly by beaming, as Messaging leaps in on the Series 60 device and assumes control of the 'Business card'. Instead copy it over via MMC or RS-MMC (using File manager on the 9500).

Install SmartvCard for Series 60. Once started, select 'Import' and use the supplied file browser to navigate to your memory card and select 'contacts.vcf'. Once the entries are read in, use 'Add all'. Readers with older Series 60 devices should note that with large contact sets you may run into memory problems.


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