How can I search through all my information?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 19:21 UTC, February 16th 2006


Q. I've got quite a bit of information tucked away in my PIM apps, plus other office documents and general files on my Nokia smartphone. But how can I perform a global search for a piece of text? On my old Palm OS handheld, this was possible, is there not an equivalent in Symbian OS?


A. There's no technical reason why Symbian (or Nokia) couldn't have provided such a feature, but they haven't done so yet. In the meantime, try a new third party utility, Mobile Search, which performs much the same task. It's a little slower than the built-in search in Palm OS, but it's improving fast and peforms a unique function.


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any other ideas for being able to search the docs on an S30 3rd edition device? The link given in the answer is now pretty much a useless domain advert-site.

I am a recent refugee from Palm and am finding it difficult without the continuously-used global search function. I have migrated hundreds of documents with client info, and the S60 interface definitely needs the ability to search for a key word that I know is in the document(s) I need to reference.

So, please tell me there is a search function I can bolt on to allow me to find the bit I need in my quickoffice .txt files.

i think the software allfinder will do the work. but it is a shareware. if anybody tried pls post views.
I have the same problem
hello every one!! i don't know if this the place to post this..
i need your help guys! Where do all the Information sent through the Internet to or from your computer go? Such as searches, log files from chat rooms, emails, etc. Can someone actually see the data or the information we send through Internet?

thanks in advance!

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