How can I purge Messaging of old, orphaned attachments?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 20:21 UTC, January 31st 2006


Q. According to FExplorer, my smartphone's mail system has a number of file attachments, all quite old and all using up valuable space. Yet when I go to Inbox in Messaging, there are no messages at all in my Inbox! How can I delete these attachments and give my smartphone a spring clean?


A. The attachments you mention are probably associated with entries in other folders in your Messaging system. Press the navigator right to toggle to the different folders. We suspect you'll find plenty of entries in 'Sent' (and possibly some in 'Draft' as well). Assuming that you're happy to clear these, use 'Options' 'Mark all' and then 'C'. Switch back to FExplorer, refresh its view of your 'Inbox' (your Messaging file system) and you should see all the apparently orphaned attachments have vanished.


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