How can I open local HTML files on my P800 or P900?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 16:25 UTC, February 1st 2006


Q. How can I open local HTML files, i.e. pages stored on the smartphone rather than on the Internet, complete with their images and links?


A. The simplest way to get your pages and their images onto the P800 or P900 is to pop your Memory Stick Duo into a USB card reader and use Windows Explorer. To keep things tidy, copy the files into a named folder on their own. Make a note of the start page filename.

In either Internet or Opera applications (both work, though the latter is quite a bit faster at rendering text and images), use ‘Open web page’, typing in a special ‘local’ address, e.g. ‘file:///d:/myfolder/index.html’, using the relevant folder and start page names. All being well, your HTML page/site should now appear on-screen, with images, and you can browse round it as you would on your hard disk, or on the real Internet. This is a great way to keep sets of hypertext reference material on your smartphone!


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