Can I print from my S60 smartphone?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 13:54 UTC, November 15th 2006


Q. Can I print from my S60 smartphone?


A. Yes, quite possibly. It all depends on the model. Many recent Nokia Nseries devices have their 'XpressPrint' system installed, a set of routines and printer drivers that are compatible with a large number of HP and some Canon and Epson printers.

The main means of printing is via Bluetooth, but you can also connect to many of the XpressPrint-compatible  printers directly, using the PictBridge printing standard and your USB cable. You'll know if the printer is compatible because it will have a USB port on the front. A final method of printing is via 'Memory card', but this (as with the PictBridge method) is mainly limited to printing photos from Gallery.

The exact XpressPrint functions installed on your device depend on what it is. Early Nseries smartphones such as the N90 and N70 have only basic photo printing installed, whereas cutting edge devices like the N93 also have routines for printing Contacts, Calendar, etc.

Some Nokia Eseries smartphones have specific HP Mobile Printing drivers installed, for printing from the S60 office software.


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