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Published by Steve Litchfield at 16:15 UTC, September 7th 2006


Q. How can I add notes and journal text to Calendar entries? There doesn't seem to be a field that matches Outlook's detail/notes field.


A. S60's Calendar application has supported entry 'descriptions' since 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 3 (that's the N70 and N90 to you and me). These sync perfectly to the Outlook field you describe and are mainly for adding detail to an entry so that the main entry text doesn't have to be too long. They're also perfect for people who like to keep a diary or journal.

To add a description, while editing an entry, use 'Options | Add description'. There's even the option to use the text from an existing Notes entry, in case you've previously typed or pasted some text in there, or of course you can simply start from scratch.


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I own a Nokia E62 and have found that I can add a description to a 'meeting' and it will show up right after the add. However, if I close it out and come back to the meeting, the description does not show up. Interestingly enough, it will show up in Outlook on my PC after a Sync. Is it possible to see a description once added? Has anyone else seen this problem?
you can fine some information on google

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