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Published by Steve Litchfield at 8:09 UTC, August 25th 2010


Q. On my Nokia E90, I've upgraded to new firmware and seem to have disabled the ability to change the screen brightness on the internal screen. It is considerably darker than the external screen (which I am still able to change). I think it has been set to minimum illumination by default. Is this a deliberate measure in order to prolong battery life or a bug?


A. No, it's not a battery-saving measure. The confusion is Nokia's fault, really, by putting in different mechanisms for changing the brightness of the two screens. The outside one's is changed in 'Settings>General>Personalisation', as you know, but the inside (wide) screen's brightness is changed by pressing 'Chr' plus the top-left key (the keyboard backlight one, marked with a light bulb and 'sun' icon).

There are five brightness states and each keypress simply cycles between them. Stop your key presses when you get to the screen brightness that you'd like!

(This original text of mine was originally published in Smartphone Essentials magazine and re-purposed here with kind permission)


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Hi there, I wonder if anyone can tell me how to set the backlight to stay on for more than a few seconds? I find it difficult to text sometimes because the light goes off too quickly, and I have trawled thru my userguide and tried looking at my settings.... to no avail. thank you very much. x:o
jApi NL
Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Display .
You can set the time-out safety mode here to a max of 90 sec .

Edit : didn't read corrctly , as this is for an E90 . The C3 has a different Operating System e.g. S40 , instead of S60

:) Regards jApi NL
Thanks for your reply, but I don't have a tools option,there's nothing in my settings to do it?
jApi NL
Check this forum for your question :

:) Regards jApi NL
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