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Turning off 3G

Q. How do I turn off 3G functionality in my UIQ 3 device? I'm sure all the searching for a 3G signal is hammering my battery life!
# Posted by Steve in Performance, Miscellaneous at 10:47 UTC, Oct 10th || 2 Comments

How much RAM is free?

Q. How can I tell how much RAM is free on my Sony Ericsson P990i?
# Posted by Steve in Performance at 10:17 UTC, Oct 10th || 0 Comments

Do I need a firewall?

Q. On my PC I have the ZoneAlarm firewall loaded all the time, to protect myself against Internet-borne nasties. Do I need to do something similar for my smartphone?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Performance, Miscellaneous at 13:30 UTC, May 5th || 0 Comments


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