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Faster music access

Q. I've got almost 1000 songs loaded on my Nokia smartphone, whose mass memory is now about 75% full. Music is played fine, but getting to a particular track is very slow when its name doesn't come near the start or end of the alphabet. Browsing by artist sometimes speeds things up, but many of my (legally) ripped CDs are 'Various Artists', so I'm stuck. What music utilities are there to help speed up finding particular songs?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Performance, Miscellaneous at 9:54 UTC, Aug 25th || 16 Comments

How do I recalibrate my touchscreen?

Q. How do I recalibrate the touchscreen on my smartphone? Some of the taps get mis-registered!

# Posted by Steve in Performance, Troubleshooting at 9:04 UTC, Aug 25th || 3 Comments

Blurry Nseries videos

Q. Why do all the recent Nseries phones from Nokia make blurry videos?

# Posted by Steve in Performance, Troubleshooting at 15:22 UTC, Aug 24th || 0 Comments

That's one very large file!

Q. I have recently been doing a clean up on my microSD card and have come across a very large file in one directory: /private/101ffc31/glxmdstn. My PC doesn't recognize it and it isn't visible in my phone's file browser. The file is a whopping 140MB. What purpose does it have? Is it safe to delete it? Maybe it's obsolete data?

# Posted by Steve in Performance, Troubleshooting at 11:21 UTC, Aug 24th || 0 Comments

Hidden transitions

Q. I've got a friend with a Nokia 5800 and his device has all manner of whizzy screen transitions whereas my 5800 doesn't. I can't find a setting for this anywhere, however much I delve into the 5800's menus. Does it depend on where we got our 5800s from?

# Posted by Steve in Performance at 12:57 UTC, Aug 23rd || 1 Comment

Can I use memory cards of over 8GB in my S60 phone?

Q. Can I use memory cards of over 8GB in my S60 phone?

# Posted by Steve in Performance, Miscellaneous at 8:42 UTC, Oct 24th || 3 Comments


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