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How can I view my videos in wide screen format?

Q. I've collected quite a few videos for my S60 smartphone. How can I view them in wide screen format?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Miscellaneous at 11:45 UTC, Feb 7th || 0 Comments

PC Suite Connected but not functional?

Q. Why does PC Suite seem to be "Connected" but not let me browse my Nokia's files or use the various Suite utilities?

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Communications, Upgrading at 14:31 UTC, Feb 3rd || 0 Comments

Why can I send MMS messages but not receive them?

Q. I can send MMS messages, but I can't actually receive them. When someone sends a picture to me, I don't see the actual picture. but a link to a page on my network provider's web site instead. I've double checked the MMS settings and they seem to be correct.

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Communications at 13:59 UTC, Feb 3rd || 1 Comment

Viewing the number used by an existing contact

Q. When I've missed a call, Log just shows me the name of the caller. While this is very friendly, it would be useful to know which number they were calling from (e.g. home or mobile) and also show the number itself, so that I could dial back from my own (cheaper) landline. Can this be done?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Communications at 8:08 UTC, Feb 3rd || 3 Comments

How can I send email, as well as receive it, over GPRS?

Q. I've just started using a Symbian-based smartphone with a Vodafone Pay As You Go SIM card, but I'm having problems with sending email. I'm able to collect email perfectly but when I try and reply and get errors every time. Any ideas?

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Communications at 14:14 UTC, Feb 1st || 2 Comments

Overnight battery drain with a Bluetooth smartphone

Q. I'm mystified. I go to bed at night with my smartphone next to me, showing a full charge, and in the morning it's down to almost zero. I've rebooted and made sure that there no extra, running applications that might be hammering the processor, and yet every night the story's the same. Is my smartphone faulty?

# Posted by Steve in Performance, Troubleshooting, Communications at 10:28 UTC, Feb 1st || 2 Comments

Keeping data while having your smartphone's firmware upgraded

Q. My Nokia smartphone is quite an early example and I've had few problems with it. I've read quite a bit about making sure to keep Symbian smartphones upgraded to the latest firmware version, but I'm worried about losing data and about the inconvenience of being without my device. Is it all worth it and what should I do to ensure I keep all my information?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Miscellaneous, Upgrading at 10:18 UTC, Feb 1st || 0 Comments

Is there a 'Dummies' book to help me with Series 60 smartphones?

Q. Despite Nokia's pretty good manual and despite me surfing a number of popular web sites, I'm still struggling with the Series 60 interface and get confused easily. Isn't there a 'Dummies' book for people like me?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Miscellaneous at 10:14 UTC, Feb 1st || 0 Comments

Can I use a domestic 3.5mm headphone set?

Q. The stereo headset supplied with my Nokia smartphone isn't bad for listening to music on the go, but when I'm in a quiet environment (like my boat or caravan) I'd like to use my own set of professional headphones. Can the two be plugged together?

# Posted by Steve in Miscellaneous at 9:59 UTC, Feb 1st || 2 Comments

Last ditch cures for battery charging/power on problems

Q. My new Nokia smartphone has turned off by itself. I thought it was the battery and I tried to charge it but the phone didn't show any sign that it was plugged in. I tried to turn it on again but it only showed a white screen and after 2 sec turned off again. Will flashing it to the latest firmware help to solve the problem?

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting at 9:26 UTC, Feb 1st || 0 Comments

Low battery life, no rogue applications

Q. My Nokia smartphone doesn't seem to take long to get through a full battery charge. I've read tips about checking for rogue programs in memory and I regularly use TaskSpy, but by the end of a day on the road the battery's almost always very low. Do you think it's charging properly?

# Posted by Steve in Performance, Troubleshooting at 9:22 UTC, Feb 1st || 0 Comments

Getting rid of 'Installation security error'

Q. Having bought a new Nokia smartphone, I'm having problems installing most of the programs I've downloaded. The error message is 'Installation security error, unable to install'. I spoke to Nokia and they say there is no security feature to prevent software installation.
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Upgrading at 8:56 UTC, Feb 1st || 2 Comments

How can I see how many GPRS data bytes I used in my last connection?

Q. The built-in Log application just shows me a summary of the total GPRS bytes sent and received since I last cleared the 'counters'. It's really tiresome having to clear these counters before using an online application just to see how many bytes I use up each time. Is there an easier way? I've seen a third party utility, Extended Log, but I really don't want to pay for something so large and complex just to do this simple job.
# Posted by Steve in Communications at 18:15 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How do I backup my phone to the memory card (MMC/RS-MMC/miniSD)?

Q. When getting my firmware upgraded, or when resetting a device using restore to factory settings codes, it is useful to be able to back up the internal memory of my device. How can I do this?
# Posted by Rafe in Troubleshooting at 16:02 UTC, Jan 30th
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