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Preserving Java game downloads

Q. I bought several games from both my network provider and through Nokia's Download! catalog, but now I've switched to a new phone and I'm annoyed that I'll have to buy the games all over again for the new device. Surely there's a way to transfer a game from one device to another?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Miscellaneous at 17:14 UTC, Nov 19th || 1 Comment

When everything goes horribly wrong in Nokia Software Update

Q. I was trying to upgrade my S60 smartphone using Nokia Software Update, but after the download and 'installing' sections were complete, the NSU error dialog appeared, advising me to 'Retry'. But the device itself appears dead, with no backlight and no messages. And 'Retry' does nothing.
# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Upgrading at 17:03 UTC, Oct 30th || 3 Comments

Photo access error

Q. When using Image Store (in PC Suite) to try and copy off all my photos, I'm getting 'Error communicating with phone'. I've tried restarting both the phone and the PC, to no avail!

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Communications at 12:17 UTC, Sep 13th || 3 Comments

The manual's too slim. Where's all the extra info I need?

Q. Why do manuals seem to get slimmer and slimmer each year? The one that shipped with my Nokia Eseries communicator is fine for starting off with, but neither it nor the PDF file on the CD answers any of the really technical questions I have about setting up the device's Wi-Fi, printer connection, Internet sharing, etc.
# Posted by Steve in Miscellaneous, Communications at 10:52 UTC, Aug 11th || 0 Comments

How can I carry on with my Nokia Maps license after a hard reset?

Q. I paid for a year's navigation on my S60 smartphone but then I upgraded the firmware and now navigation doesn't work anymore. Surely I don't have to pay all over again?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous, Communications, Upgrading at 11:12 UTC, Aug 1st || 0 Comments

Problems installing and removing Smart2Go

Q. I'm having real problems installing Smart2Go onto my smartphone. What tips can you offer?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Performance, Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous at 16:49 UTC, May 20th || 0 Comments

Country at a time

Q. Nokia Maps is working fine on my N95 but what I really want is not to suffer continual data charges. How can I preload country content?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Miscellaneous at 7:28 UTC, May 7th || 2 Comments

Adding Album Art to the N95 Music Player

Q. I have a Nokia N95 which I'm generally pretty happy with. One oddity is that, having copied over hundreds of MP3 and WMA music tracks, in named folders, from my PC onto my microSD card, none of them display the album artwork in the N95's Music player.


# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous at 10:03 UTC, May 4th || 10 Comments

Activating the Keylock on the W950

Q. How do I actiate the keylock on the W950 without using the pointer and going through the menus?
# Posted by Ewan in Applications at 10:55 UTC, Feb 19th

Jump Back to the Home Screen on the W950

Q. Is there a quick way to get back to the opening screen on the W950?
# Posted by Ewan in Applications at 10:38 UTC, Feb 19th

Music Transfer on W950

Q. What other ways are there of putting music onto the W950?
# Posted by Ewan in Applications at 9:57 UTC, Feb 19th

Screensavers and battery life

Q. What's happened to the battery life of my S60 smartphone? From going a couple of days easily without recharge, I'm down to a full charge every morning! All I've installed recently are Handy Weather and Smart2go!
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous at 18:15 UTC, Feb 16th || 0 Comments

Install problems on restarting device

Q. Whenever I start my smartphone, it pops up 'Installing....' and then gives an error saying that 'Untrusted applications' were on my memory card and couldn't be installed. The only suspicious entries in 'Tools | App Mgr' are marked as 'Not installed'. How can I stop the error happening?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting at 9:46 UTC, Feb 13th || 4 Comments

Sony Ericsson Update Service problems

Q. I have a Sony Ericsson UIQ 3 smartphone and am having trouble updating its firmware. I've downloaded the required Sony Ericsson Update wizard but it doesn't want to talk to my smartphone. A support line advised me to 'disable my firewall' but I don't want to do that. Help!
# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous, Communications, Upgrading at 13:00 UTC, Jan 23rd || 0 Comments

Syncing bookmarks? To where?

Q. When I synchronize my S60 smartphone using PC Suite, status messages appear along the lines of 'Sending bookmarks 27 of 27'. Where do these appear on my PC?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Communications at 15:45 UTC, Jan 18th || 0 Comments
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