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Getting rid of 'Installation security error'

Q. Having bought a new Nokia smartphone, I'm having problems installing most of the programs I've downloaded. The error message is 'Installation security error, unable to install'. I spoke to Nokia and they say there is no security feature to prevent software installation.
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Upgrading at 8:56 UTC, Feb 1st || 2 Comments

How can large numbers of contacts be beamed in one go?

Q. I've fitted my partner out with a cheap Series 60 smartphone (a Nokia 6670) and need to get our 'master' contacts set over from my Nokia 9500 to her device. I've beamed the most used dozen or so entries, but I can't face beaming five hundred others! How can this be automated?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Miscellaneous, Communications at 21:42 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How can I quickly enter a carriage return on my smartphone?

A. I'm struggling at writing text quickly on my Nokia smartphone, even with the aid of T9 predictive text. One 'special' character I use a lot is 'carriage return' (i.e. end of paragraph). Surely there's got to be some quick way of entering this common stroke without having to bring up the 'Select symbol' list and then use seven keystrokes to select carriage return?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Performance at 21:36 UTC, Jan 31st || 1 Comment

Why does TomTom MOBILE 5 not start?

Q. I've installed TomTom MOBILE 5 on my Nokia smartphone and the icon's there in the applications screen, but when I activate it the screen just goes white as if it was starting OK and then the icon reappears. Any ideas?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Performance, Troubleshooting at 21:34 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How can I set an alarm to wake me up just on weekdays?

Q. I just got myself a Nokia smartphone and I cannot seem to find a way of setting its alarm to wake me up just on workdays. So I end up having to set the alarm manually every night, which is a bit annoying and I also often forget. Am I missing something obvious, or are there any applications that I can install to do this job?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Miscellaneous at 20:43 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How can I re-save my photos at a smaller size for moblogging?

Q. I want to start moblogging from my Nokia megapixel smartphone but I'm very wary of the GPRS costs of sending my megapixel images (up to 600K each) over the air. Is there any software that can reduce the pixel size of each image prior to sending it? I don't want to take my photos in a lower resolution because at the end of the day I also want to print most of them.
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Performance, Communications at 20:40 UTC, Jan 31st || 2 Comments

How can I stop these ‘Accept connection from xxxxxx’ messages when trying to connect to my PC?

Q. Every time I connect my Series 60 smartphone to my PC, I get a flurry of ‘Accept connection from xxxxxx’ messages, which have to be acknowledged by a keypress on the phone. Is there any way to tell it ‘Yes, stop asking me’?
# Posted by Steve in Miscellaneous, Communications at 20:35 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How can I get my Sendo X reliably connected to my PC?

Q. I've acquired a second hand Sendo X and have been generally impressed so far by this Symbian-based smartphone. But I can't seem to get it properly connected to my PC. I've upgraded the PC Connect suite to the latest version, and yet after a few seconds of being connected it disconnects and I'm not able to browse its files or synchronise. Any ideas?
# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Communications at 20:31 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

Should I be worried about viruses for my Symbian smartphone?

Q. I've read a lot in the press about a Cabir virus outbreak for Symbian smartphones. Should I be worried, and what can I do to protect myself?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Communications at 20:26 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How can I purge Messaging of old, orphaned attachments?

Q. According to FExplorer, my smartphone's mail system has a number of file attachments, all quite old and all using up valuable space. Yet when I go to Inbox in Messaging, there are no messages at all in my Inbox! How can I delete these attachments and give my smartphone a spring clean?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Performance, Communications at 20:21 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How can I send short messages using Bluetooth?

Q. How can I send short messages to my phone and PDA-owning friends around the classroom or office using Bluetooth?
# Posted by Steve in Communications at 20:05 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How can I see how many GPRS data bytes I used in my last connection?

Q. The built-in Log application just shows me a summary of the total GPRS bytes sent and received since I last cleared the 'counters'. It's really tiresome having to clear these counters before using an online application just to see how many bytes I use up each time. Is there an easier way? I've seen a third party utility, Extended Log, but I really don't want to pay for something so large and complex just to do this simple job.
# Posted by Steve in Communications at 18:15 UTC, Jan 31st || 0 Comments

How do I backup my phone to the memory card (MMC/RS-MMC/miniSD)?

Q. When getting my firmware upgraded, or when resetting a device using restore to factory settings codes, it is useful to be able to back up the internal memory of my device. How can I do this?
# Posted by Rafe in Troubleshooting at 16:02 UTC, Jan 30th
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