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Reqwireless WebViewer is a fast HTML Web browser that gives you access to the real Web on your mobile phone.
Last Update:December 10th 2004
Author:Reqwireless Inc.
User Rating:4.50
License:Provided with purchase
ID's:HID: 34116, AAID: 1682

Author's Description

Reqwireless WebViewer is a fast HTML Web browser aimed at handling real-world Web pages through support for HTML, graphics, cookies, JavaScript, security and more.

WebViewer includes the following features:

  • Browsing of HTML content
  • Graphics, including GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP formats
  • Bookmarks
  • History
  • Configurable cache
  • JavaScript
  • Cookies and cookie management
  • Forms
  • Security via HTTPS (if supported by the device), basic authentication
  • HTTP, HTTPS, mailto, FTP, and gopher URLs
  • Incremental rendering
  • Viewing of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, ZIP and PDF documents
  • Viewing of images at their full size or scaled to fit the device's screen width
  • Optical character recognition for faxes and scanned documents
  • Easy to navigate with no horizontal scrolling required
  • Support for Unicode and many character encodings

All this in just 51K!

Also available are the WebViewer user's guide ( http://www.reqwireless.com/webviewer-usersguide.html ), and installation guide ( http://www.reqwireless.com/webviewer-installation.html ). Please read the Reqwireless disclaimer and privacy notice ( http://www.reqwireless.com/disclaimer.html ) before using the product.

Compatible Devices

BenQ P30, Motorola A1000, Motorola A920, Motorola A925, Nokia 3230, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia 7710, Nokia 9200 Series Communicator, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia Series 60, SendoX, Siemens SX1, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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Business & Professional, Document Management

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