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Wayfinder Navigator together with a Bluetooth GPS turns your mobile phone into a real mobile GPS Navigator. You get North American coverage, updated maps and voice instructions.
Last Update:September 21st 2005
Author:Wayfinder Systems AB
User Rating:0.00
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:1 MB RAM, GPS and Mobile Internet
ID's:HID: 173487, AAID: 9110

Author's Description

Wayfinder NavigatorTM together with a Bluetooth GPS turns your mobile into a top-of-the-line GPS Navigator. The software offers breakthroughs in moving maps, ease of use, North American coverage and reliability that wont be seen in other GPS navigation software’s on the market today.

If you are one of the Wayfinder NavigatorTM users today you will love the new Wayfinder NavigatorTM. Go and get your software updated for free today by clicking on free trial.

A fresh sense of navigation
The new Wayfinder NavigatorTM has a fresh and easy to use interface. Just connect your Bluetooth GPS and an easy to understand menu provides an improved view of the software, with one click access to maps and favourites. Known Internet Access Points are pre-stored in the application, which means automatic search for a correct connection, allowing you to access the latest information from the Wayfinder server. Wayfinders server guarantees that you always have updated maps and route information.

The Latest Map Technology
Wayfinder NavigatorTM is packed with the latest map technology which enables users to enjoy the speed sensitive zoom functionality and the perfect zoom level according to the travelling speed. In addition there is a next turn icon on the map and voice instructions to meet every users needs. The software lets the user see a direction arrow as well as the distance to the next turn in the map. To give a real movement sensation, together with the GPS, the map works like a compass and rotates according to direction. To get satisfying map sensation users can now view the map in full screen.

Fast and easy map access
You can easily download predefined maps from MyWayfinder.comTM in order to access the maps of the area you use often easy and fast! Simple managed cache makes it up to you to decide how much map data you want to store. You can easily change it according to the memory space available on your phone.

Plug and Play
Wayfinder NavigatorTM offers a quick sense of off board navigation with auto connection to GPS and to mobile Internet. If the GPS is turned on Wayfinder NavigatorTM automatically reconnect to the GPS you used in previous navigation session.

SMS or MMS your position or route
In addition to send route description, your current position, favourites and locations you find on the map via SMS and Email Wayfinder NavigatorTM offers you the possibility to communicate via MMS.

MyWayfinder.comTM included
With MyWayfinder.comTM you will have a complete online route guidance tool, where you can build your own library of favourites, synchronize with your phone and email routes to colleagues, friends and family. MyWayfinder.comTM will enable you to manage all your trips and your destinations online and download them to your phone in just a few seconds.

Wayfinder NavigatorTM has included thousands of Points of Interests in the major cities in North America.
You can easily contact an interesting Point of Interest. Thanks to the GPS, you can easily find a hotel nearby or the next petrol station on the road.

Free Updates
Wayfinder customers are always entitled to free updates during the duration of their contracts. This gives a unique possibility for our users to always have Wayfinders latest software.

Compatible Devices

Ericsson MC218, Ericsson R380, Nokia 3230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 7610, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia Series 60, Psion Siena

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