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WSOY Finnish-English-Finnish is a comprehensive and modern dictionary. Contains the complete book in a very easy to use application.
Last Update:September 27th 2006
Author:Lumisoft Limited
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Requirements:Symbian OS and a memory card with 6 MB free space.
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Author's Description

WSOY Finnish-English-Finnish dictionary content is provided by WSOY, the leading publishing company in Finland, and the software application by Lumisoft Ltd ( The dictionary content is identical to WSOY''s comprehensive and modern Finnish-English-Finnish printed Dictionary (authors Hurme-Malin-Pesonen-Syvaoja) with 117 000 headwords; phrases and idioms, altogether 730 000 indexed words.

The easy-to-use interface requires no complicated instructions. You will quickly find what you are looking for by entering a Finnish or English word. It''s much faster than using a printed book. This mobile dictionary is enjoyable to use because it''s simple and fast. And its contents are of the highest quality. This product is an essential tool for any Finn or anyone working in connection with Finland.

The application does not require a wireless connection, since all dictionary data is stored on the Communicator or its memory card. It is recommended that the software is installed on the memory card.

WSOY Finnish-English-Finnish Dictionary consists of two dictionaries, Finnish-English and English-Finnish:

Finnish-English Dictionary

The medium size Finnish-English Dictionary contains approximately 62,000 headwords and idioms. The entries mainly consist of general vocabulary but also include key items of scientific and technical terminology. Ideal for active use, helps to produce idomatic and correct English. An indispensable and reliable tool for students, language professionals and other users. In print, 6th edition (2004).

English-Finnish Dictionary

The medium size English-Finnish Dictionary contains approximately 55,000 headwords with wide-ranging example phrases and idioms. The modern vocabulary includes extensive scientific and technical terminology as well as colloquial and slang words. Differences between British and US spelling are systematically pointed out. An indispensable and ideal tool for students, language professionals and other serious users. In print, 6th edition (2004).

Compatible Devices

Nokia 9200 Series Communicator, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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