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W.A.Y.D is a real desktop manager, agenda manager, task manager and reminders manager.
Last Update:April 7th 2005
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ID's:HID: 161347, AAID: 2002

Author's Description

W.A.Y.D (formerly What.Are.You.Doing) W.A.Y.D is a powerful and a real desktop manager. W.A.Y.D is highly customizable and offers users a huge panel of possibilities Users can create many desktops with their own background image and add easily shortcuts on documents and applications. W.A.Y.D allows also to create notes and stickers directly visible from the desktop. Users can manage their own bookmark to local folders or web sites. These shortcuts are open in the built-in file manager or internet browser Move and place icons every where on the desktop with no constraint. Use arrows or even pointer to move and start shortcuts. Assign hotkeys on each shortcut and start your preferred applications or documents with only one keypress. W.A.Y.D offers an enhanced agenda and todos entries list display. Add or edit agenda entries more faster. Assign color on items displayed in the agenda or task lists. Filter agenda entries in using user-defined keywords. Sort tasks according date, priority or description or filter for a specific task list. Month view showing activity is another great feature of W.A.Y.D. Navigate between days and months and open the selected day in the agenda view. W.A.Y.D includes also a real Task manager offering the capability to switch, end or kill applications directly from the software. Display memory status for each application and process. WAYD offers a powerful reminder feature. Create a list of reminders, clock alarms or daily alarms and activate them when needed. Features: * Define Desktops with background image * Define shortcut on applications, documents, folders, contacts, Uri, notes * Assign hotkey and make WAYD a real application launcher * Create Stickers with user-defined colors * Task manager (show applications and process, switch, kill or end) * Manage your own Reminders and alarms * Define keywords and customize agenda entries colors (symbol, description, whole line) * Define keywords and filter agenda entries on them * Display Agenda view * Display month view * Display Task view * Set the number of days to be displayed * Sort task different ways (date, tasklist name, description, priority) * Edit notes in a real editor * Many indicators displayed (notes, alarms, symbols) * Rapid entry way (appointments, tasks, events) * Edit agenda entries directly from W.A.Y.D * High customization (foreground and background colors, fonts, titles, ?) * Change state of tasks (check or uncheck with a keyboard shortcut) * Set or unset alarms on entries * Zoom in/out on display * Activate W.A.Y.D when opening your communicator * Set W.A.Y.D your default application (come back each time you quit an application) * Use arrows to easily move between days

Compatible Devices

Nokia 9200 Series Communicator, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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