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New release: Use your voice to place calls to anyone in your contact list. Your phone understands you first time you speak to it; no teaching is necessary. A whole new experience!
Last Update:May 19th 2005
Author:SmartVoice International Inc.
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License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Suggest to install on Memory Card (1.1M). Tip: download SIS file to Memory Card before installation
ID's:HID: 165294, AAID: 5714

Author's Description

VoiceDialerPro makes your phone user

Sale Price: $15.99.

VoiceDialerPro makes your phone user-friendly. While your eyes and hands are busy doing something else, your voice can dial any name in your contact list. All names in the contact list can be voice-enabled. You can simply speak a name. VoiceDialerPro will fetch the phone number from your contact list, and will then dial the number for you. VoiceDialerPro makes your voice smart!


Based on revolutionary and breakthrough technology, VoiceDialerPro understands your voice even if you have never used it before. Just install the application and it's ready to go!



VoiceDialerPro Benefits:

  • Speaker-Independent - VoiceDialerPro understands any voice from any users and has high tolerance for a variety of accents.

  • No Voice Training or Pre-Recording Necessary - Unlike other voice dialing solutions, VoiceDialerPro does not require the tedious task of setting up each contact. It works the very first time you speak to it.

  • High Accuracy - VoiceDialerPro has a high accuracy in a wide variety of environments.

  • Large Vocabulary - All names in your contact list.


Product Features:

  • VoiceDial - Dial a contact person by saying a name in the contact list (for example "Peter Johnson").

  • Eyes-Free Operation - Automatic text-to-speech announces the recognized name, enabling eyes-free operation.

  • Confirmation Options - Confirm the name by either voice or clicking before dialing.

  • Multiple Locations - User may select the home, office or cellular phone of the called party.

  • Selection - Voice-enable all names or only selected names from the contact list.

  • Language - Supports English (optimized for US accents).


Product Availability:

  • Nokia : 6620, 6260, 6600


Compatible Devices

Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620

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