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Record voice memo, alarm or phone calls anytime by simply pressing hotkeys. Phone calls can be recorded automatically. You can choose to have BEEP or NO BEEP for call recordings.!
Last Update:July 7th 2008
Author:Ultimate Portable Ltd.
User Rating:4.47
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Nokia S60 3rd edition phones
ID's:HID: 201807, AAID: 17303

Author's Description

This application satisfies all your recording needs. It will let you record a voice memo, reminder/alarm or phone call anytime by simply pressing hotkeys of your own choices. Phone calls can also be recorded automatically based on your choices. You can record arbitrarily long memo or conversations. You can also let the application automatically forward recorded clips to your default email or phone number by Email or MMS. The application will automatically stop recording once the storage space is low on your phone and never will fill up your phone! Hotkeys work anytime, always! Free upgrades of future versions!

The application is a Symbian Signed application backed by the industrial standard Quality Assurance testing procedure.

New In Version 5.05
Please remove previous version from your phone before installing this version.
  • You can set an alarm for any combination of date schedule. For example, an alarm on Mon, Tue and Fri.
  • Auto delete now works on recordings that are sent out automatically.
  • Auto delete can be changed to work on all recordings with a patch upon request, not just those having been played back or sent out.
  • You can specify recording formats for call or memo separately.
  • "Use hotkeys" option can be changed to only allow/disallow # codes with a patch upon request.
  • Fixed the bug that incoming calls are not automatically recorded.
  • Fixed the bug that caller ids are saved on incoming calls.
  • Fixed the bug that unwanted memos are recorded if "Interrupted recording" is set to "auto resume".
  • Fixed the bug that paue / resume doesn't work for long conversation ( > 1 hr) during playback
  • Other minor bug fixes from previous versions.
It's recommended that you use "AMR" format to record phone calls for better result if "Warning beep" is turned off. New In Version 5.01
  • Redesigned structure with a background server and user interface separated. Less resource demanding, more reliable.
  • Create voice reminder/alarm with customizable alarm time.
  • Adjustable fast forward/remind speed for playback
  • Dial a phone number directly from a recorded conversation.
  • Add a phone number from a recording directly to contact book.
Major Features:
  • Customizable hotkeys to record, play, pause and stop
  • Or simply press abc/pen key three times to start/stop recording.
  • Or simply press PPT key three times to start/stop recording.
  • Or press Up Arrow key/record button three times rapidly to start/stop recording on Nokia E61 and the similar phones with full keyboard.
  • No beep recording of phone calls! You can choose to have the beep on or off. Demo version only allows 5 minutes of no-beep call recording. Please be aware that this feature may not work on all firmware versions of phones.
  • Support recording in both AMR and WAV formats
  • Support recording to phone memory or directly to memory card.
  • Optional automatic recording of phone calls
  • Adjustable maximum recording length.
  • Support voice reminder with time schedule.
  • Password protected playback
  • Operate in background mode or/and user interactive mode
  • Configurable storage locations
  • Automatic startup upon phone power on. You can enable/disable this through the application settings. Not enabled by default!
  • Automatic restarting an interrupted recording, for example, by an incoming call.
  • Ask for your permission before saving a recorded clip if you like.
  • Automatic stop recording at low storage space
  • Send the recorded clips to other phones or PC via Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS or email (email service is required for this feature)
  • Support automatic deletion of the clips after they are sent/reviewed.
  • Easy to retrieve the recorded voice clips using Nokia PC suite.

Quick Guide:
  • Upon successful installation, a "tape" icon appears on the bottom middle of your phone screen when you launch the application. You can choose to hide the icon by pressing "Options->Settings", and change "Hidden Mode" to "Always" or "When Idle".
  • Open the application from the phone menu, press "Hide" to let UltimateVoiceRecorder run in background mode if you only want to use hotkeys to start/stop recording.
  • Press hotkeys anytime to record, stop, pause and play. You don't need to open Ultimate Voice Recorder in foreground in order to use hotkeys.
  • Default hotkeys to record, stop, play ans pause are "#0", "#7", "#1" and "#8".
  • Or press abc/pen three times to start/stop recording.
  • Or press PPT three times to start/stop recording.
  • Or press Up arrow/record button three times to start/stop recording on Nokia E61 phone and the similar phones with full keyboard.
  • To automatically record phone calls, press "Options->Settings", and set "Automatic Mode" to "on", then all the calls will be recorded automatically. Also set the "Recording Limit" to 0 so that the whole call will be recorded.
  • Set recording limit to 0 if you need unlimited length recording. The actual recording length depends on the free disk space.
  • Press "Options->Settings", and turn "Warning Beep" on/off according to your needs. When it's off, no beep during call recording!
  • Press "Options->Settings", scroll down to the bottom, and enable or disable "Auto start" according to your need. If "Auto start" is set to "Enabled", the application will start up automatically upon phone power up. Be aware that by default, "Auto start" is disabled!.
  • Use left/right key to mark multiple clips for sending to other devices or deleting.
  • Open Ultimate Voice Recorder and press "Options->Settings" to change hotkeys and other options such as recording limit, recording format, automatic recording of phone calls, automatic deletion of clips.
  • After your phone powers up, wait until the tape icon appears on the bottom of the phone before using hotkeys! If no tape icon appears after a few minutes, launch Ultimate Voice Recorder and press "Hide", then the tape icon will appear and hotkeys will be ready.
  • Press "Options->Settings" to adjust "Hidden mode" to specify when to show the tape icon - always, never or only while idle.
  • To use Nokia PC suite software to copy recorded clips to your PC, open the "c:\Data\UltimateVR" and "e:\Data\UltimateVR" directories on your phone in the file explorer of the PC suite. All the recorded clips are in those two directories.
  • Don't use Nokia PC suite software to delete recorded clips on your phone, use Ultimate Voice Recorder to do so instead.
  • Press "Options->help" for detailed user guide.

Note: This version of the software ONLY works on Nokia 3rd edition phone like N80, E61. For the version of the software that works on S60 2nd edition phones like 6630, 6680, N70, N90 and so on, follow the link UltimateVoicerRecorder For Series 60

Known Issues:
  • Compatibility issues with Nokia phones such as 5500, Nokia E50, N81 8gb, E51, N78 and so on. For those models of phones, phone calls can be recorded with "Beep" on. If recorded with "Beep" off, you may hear glitches during playback
  • The non-beep feature won't work with bluetooth headsets.

Legal Notice:
It is not legal to record phone calls in some countries or regions, please use the software in accordance with the laws and regulations in your region. We shall not be responsible for any legal issues incurred!

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500, Nokia 6110, Nokia 6120, Nokia 6290, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95

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