UC Browser for S60v5

UC Browser is the BEST mobile browser with the LARGEST population of users all over the WORLD !
Last Update:May 22nd 2013
Author:UCWEB Inc.
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UC Browser for Symbian provides you fast and smooth Web surfing experience. You may be using Chrome or Firefox as your PC browser. However, for your mobile devices, UC Browser is the best choice. Download for free and try the best Symbian browser now. Number talks: ?1,500,000,000+DOWNLOADS---In September, 2011, UC Browser had been downloaded 1,500,000,000 times worldwide! ?400,000,000+USERS---Currently, UC Browser has more than 300,000,000 USERS in more than 150 COUNTRIES! ?40,000 PAGES per second---In every second, 40,000 web pages are opened through UC Browser! ?10 LANGUAGES---Currently, UC Browser supports 10 LANGUAGES! (English, Indonesian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese) This FREE Browser is Available on All major operating platforms! What?s new: 1. Customized online wallpapers: You can now download a range of the latest wallpapers from our network. 2. Share to Twitter: Links and images can now be shared on Twitter. 3. Clear browsing history on exit: When exiting UC Browser you now have the option to clear your browsing history, protecting your privacy. 4. Improved bookmarks managing on touch phones: New and improved ways to manage your bookmarks on touch phones. 5. Auto-complete of search keywords: Searching is faster and easier with auto-complete. Want More SURPRISES? Official Website: http://www.ucweb.com/index.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ucmob Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/UCBrowser Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ucwebvideo Contact us: help@ucweb.com

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