Truphone - mobile VoIP

Truphone brings VoIP to your mobile - meaning free or cheap mobile calls
Last Update:February 7th 2008
User Rating:5.00
License:No key required
Requirements:Series 60 3rd edition
ID's:HID: 200377, AAID: 19037

Author's Description

Truphone is a brand new piece of free software that routes your mobile calls over the internet. This means free mobile calls to other Truphone users and characteristically-cheap VoIP rate calls to anyone else.

There are no monthly charges, and it's free to download. It's great for travelling too, as Truphone works wherever you have access to Wi-Fi, so you can avoid expensive inbound roaming charges.

Now you can get FREE mobile calls to 40 countries (and US cellphones) until Feb 29th 2008.

We'll even credit your account with 2 or $2 when you sign up.

How it works:

Truphone works wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi - and the availability of wireless connectivity is absolutely booming. This can mean your home, office, public areas or commercial hotspots (coffee shops, airports etc).

Once installed Truphone automatically scans all available Wi-Fi access points in range, just select your preferred access point and Truphone will route your calls over the internet.

There's no need to run a separate application each time you need to make a VoIP call, as Truphone seamlessly integrates with your address book.

Save money with Truphone:
  • FREE calls to other Truphone users

  • FREE calls to landlines (and some mobiles) in 40 countries worldwide until Feb 29th 2008.

  • FREE to avoid international roaming charges - you can receive calls in open Wi-Fi anywhere in the world.

  • FREE SMS messages to other Truphone users

  • FREE voicemail

  • FREE to download

  • FREE 2 or $2 credit when you join.

  • FREE presence - see when your Truphone contacts are online and when you can call or SMS them for free.

Truphone also works over 3G meaning more VoIP calls from more places, but be sure to check that your operator allows this and what your tariff is.

You can also make and receive calls to any of your Google Talk buddies for free. Just tell your friends to get Google Talk and give them your Truphone number.

Truphone even roams seamlessly on Wi-Fi hotspots provided by The Cloud (including the entire City of London network) and the 700 European locations covered by

How to get Truphone:

Simply download and save the file onto your computer and transfer it to your phone (via Bluetooth or data cable). Installation is easy with using Nokia PC Suite which comes on the CD you received with your handset or is available from the Nokia website. Just double-click the downloaded file and the installer does the rest.

Once you've transferred Truphone onto your handset, simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up Truphone v3.3.

Compatible Devices

Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90, Nokia N95

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