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This professional Task Manager gives you full control over your UIQ powered device!
Last Update:July 14th 2006
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Requirements:Works on all devices!
ID's:HID: 89024, AAID: 4849

Author's Description

Important note: If you are a registered user of our desktop replacement Tracker you can use FileMan absolutely free of charge. Our FileMan and TaskMan applications are gift to all Tracker's customers. Just use your Tracker reg. information to register and use these applications if you find them useful.

TaskMan view

This view shows you the information about running applications. Here you can see how much memory the running app uses, switch to the selected application, close or kill an application, get its extended and threads information.

You can see the current amount of memory left in the caption on the right side of the menu title. You can perform various actions with the selected application when staying on it (see commands description below). To switch to the selected application just click on it again or use 'Switch to' button.

TaskMan view commands:


  • TaskMan preferences - here you can indicate whether to show hidden applications or not
  • Switch to application - switches to the selected application
  • Close application - closes selected application
  • Close all applications - closes running applications, the ones that can be closed without damage to the system only.
  • Memory and disk info - shows total memory and disks information, total number of running applications and their memory usage.
  • Compact memory - it reclaims some amount of memory back from a running application and the system.
  • Application info - shows detailed information about the selected application.
  • Threads info - shows all applications threads and their details
  • Kill application - kills selected application

    Processes view

    In this view you can see information about running processes. It shows a list of running processes sorted by ProcessId in descended order, in simpler words the last started process comes first in the list.

    ProcessMan view commands:


  • TaskMan preferences - here you can indicate whether to show ROM based process or not. Only processes runned by 3rd party applications are shown by default.
  • Detailed info - Shows the detailed information about selected process.
  • Threads info - Show all processes' threads and their details
  • Kill process - Kills selected process
  • Compatible Devices

    BenQ P30, Motorola A1000, Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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