SymLineZ for UIQ 2.x

Free and full featured game clone of Color Lines (align 5 balls on a 9x9 grid)
Last Update:December 22nd 2007
User Rating:5.00
License:No key required
ID's:HID: 119915, AAID: 6083

Author's Description

SymLineZ is a little game, a clone of WinLineZ, hence its name, which is a clone of Color Lines.

Game purpose: You may align five or more single color balls in horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, and by this way you score points. Balls can be moved only across vacant squares. And for each ball you moved which doesn''t make a line, SymLineZ add for you three new balls (those drawn at the top of the screen). You have lost when the board is full.

It was tested on P800 & P900, but it should work on all UIQ 2.x devices with a screen size minimum of 200x230, developped in C++ with Metrowerks Code Warrior as a technical review of development possibilities on these phones, and for my girl friend :-).

Changes log:

Version 2.87 (22/12/2007):
- Challenges and new scores method: scores are now higher to make long play strategy with small rows competitive compared to big rows strategy and jokers, cf game help for details.
- Minor bugs corrected: undo(new redo), jocker renamed in joker, glups... thanks to, ...
- ... :).
Special thanks to for its help.

- Version 2.72 (14/11/2007):
- Proxy settings added for synchronization function for WAP accesses(see help). It now works for WAP and unrestricted GPRS web accesses. Panic on synchro for uiq 2.x solved.
- Help now works for uiq 3.x version.
- Score display for dark themes is now solved.
- New undo function costing 10 points on score;).
- Jockers can now be moved to fill rows of 4 balls instead of 5 at least.
- Bugs corrected on jockers moves.
Thanks to for its article.

- Version 2.55 (2/11/2007):
- First version for UIQ 3.x
- Jockers can be moved every where now (vacant squares or not) at the condition they fill a row of 5 balls.
- Scores won by completing more than one row at a time are no more multiplied by the number of rows (scores were too big).

- Version 2.43 (29/10/2007): New synchronization function to share and publish high scores on internet with other players (gprs or umts required, could work on wap?...).
New Jocker balls to maximize interest of completing long rows or multiple rows in one time and score multplied by number of rows aligned in one time.
New statistics screen.
Bug fixes on row alignment detection.
Scores backup at each new score recorded.
Thanks to G. Smith for its feedback.

- Version 1.07 (2/5/2004): Fixes on demo and moves calculation (which may occasionally hang phone).
New modes 10x10, 11x11 grids : tries which are, according me, not very interesting.

- Version 1.05 (1/1/2004): First published version.

If you have suggestions to make new modes (and others evolutions), please email them to, I would be happy to try to implement them. ;)

Compatible Devices

BenQ P30, BenQ P31, Motorola A1000, Motorola A920, Motorola A925, Nokia 6708, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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