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SplashID securely stores your sensitive personal information including user names, passwords, credit cards, PINs, and more in a secure, encrypted database.
Last Update:October 13th 2005
User Rating:5.00
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:300 KB Memory, Symbian UIQ 2.x (see device list)
ID's:HID: 123671, AAID: 3367

Author's Description


SplashID safely and securely stores all of your personal identification information including user names, passwords, credit cards, calling cards, bank accounts, PINs, and more. Information is stored in a secure, encrypted format and is quickly accessible on a UIQ smartphone or Desktop computer with the included desktop software.

  • Unlimited number of customizable record types and categories for storing all kinds of personal information
  • Customizable List View supports color and icons
  • Password protection, using Blowfish encryption, keeps your data safe and secure
  • Synchronize data between the handheld and desktop using the included desktop software
  • Send records to other SplashID users
  • Custom Icon support
  • Field Masking (for sensitive data like passwords)
  • Customizable Field Labels on a per record basis
  • Automatic Password Generator - for generating passwords based on user criteria

The Detail View lets you enter up to six custom fields plus additional Notes for each item

Create an unlimited number of record Types

SplashData locks your data using 256-bit Blowfish encryption, keeping your data safe and secure

The customizable List View lets you specify a row color, font size and which columns to display

Customize field labels and icons at the record level, right on the handheld

Each item can have a unique Icon assigned to it, providing quick visual access to your records

The included desktop software (sold separately) for Windows lets you easily view, edit and synchronize your personal identification information with your Handheld.

System Requirements

  • Symbian UIQ 2.0 or 2.1 - UIQ 3 not supported
  • 150k of free memory
  • Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP
  • Desktop synchronization software

Compatible Devices

Motorola A920, Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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Other, Security

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