SonicBoy Series 80


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Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator for your phone!
Last Update:May 12th 2005
Author:WildPalm Ltd
User Rating:3.00
License:Sent by developer w/in 2 business days
Requirements:Requires 300Kb free memory
ID's:HID: 164857, AAID: 1746

Author's Description

Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator for your phone!

Play thousands of SEGA classics!



  • Emulates all Sega Master System and Game Gear roms
  • Full quality sound support, with volume control
  • Runs games directly from Inbox
  • Automatically run games from ZIP or RAR files
  • Games run at full speed on all phones
  • Auto or Manual speed selection - to speed up or slow down games
  • Save/load game support
  • AutoSave - never lose game progress again!
  • Fully definable keys
  • Hotswap A/B buttons
  • Send games to your friends via IR or Bluetooth


SonicBoy requires the use of Sega Master System (.sms) or Game Gear (.gg) rom files to operate. SonicBoy contains the emulator only, and no games are supplied in the installation package.

WildPalm does not distribute commercial roms of any kind and requests for roms will be ignored.

Sega Master System and Game Gear are registered trademarks of SEGA Corporation


Compatible Devices

Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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