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Protects all your Private Information (like Messages, Contacts, Galleries etc.) both in the phone & card memory,& hides it so no one else except the phone owner can ever see it !!
Last Update:July 8th 2005
Author:Aims Migital Technovations Pvt. Ltd.
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Author's Description

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As you get more and more Mobile, do you feel a Threat around you?
A Threat that someone will make way into your Personal or Confidential Data!!
Sooner or Later someone may, unless you secure yourself with Smart Guard.

MIGITAL presents SMART GUARD, a symbian application which will ensure Complete  Secrecy of all the Data on Mobile Devices.

Protects all your Private Information  (like Messages, Contacts, Videos, Pictures, etc.) both in the internal Memory and on the Memory Cards and hides it so that no one else Except the phone Owner can Ever see the Content without knowing the password.

THREATS    : Too Many ! !

  • You may not mind your friend scrolling through your phone, but still might be conservative on some confidential content.

  • You may allow children to play around with your Phone, but may worry about some content of personal or adult nature.

  • Someone spying over your phone or trying to steal away some information.

  • You don’t want anyone to look at your Contacts Directory.

  • In case your phone unfortunately gets stolen, misplaced or simply left over anywhere, your data remains most vulnerable.

  • When you sell or exchange your phone, many things remain undeleted accidentally or carelessly.

SOLUTION   : Smart Guard ! !

  • Now Phone owner can simply hand over his phone to anyone without worrying about his privacy & data.

  • Business Information or Secretes are kept hidden in the best manner.

  • No one else except the phone owner can see the content without knowing the password.

  • You are much more protected & at peace of mind against any untoward incident.

  • Blocks casual browsing on your phone & does not reveal any private information without your will.

  • No one except the owner can know about the hidden content or if there is any hidden data.

  • Feel fully protected and ensure privacy and Smart Guard yourself against all Threats.

Smart Guard is the Smartest Ever Way to Safe Guard your Private Information or Data that exists in your Mobile Device:

1.  All Messages ( Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent, MMS, Email ).

2.  Directory Contacts.
3. Gallery.

  • Data.

  • Pictures.

  • Sounds.

  • Videos.

  • All Others.


Registration Information

The full version of the software is unlocked by a registration key provided upon purchase. It takes 1 to 2 working days before registration key is provided.

So Secure yourself Today, because we all have a ' PERSONAL  SIDE !!

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD

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