You sit, sat, sat and you''re still sitting! SitSatSat can help remind you not to sit too long and stand-up when the sit-alarm cycle is reached. Use it for any timing purpose!
Last Update:May 3rd 2005
Author:Clearevo Ltd.
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Author's Description


This is a simple program to help remind you not to sit too long. (Tested on Nokia 3650, 6630 and Siemens SX1.)

You can also use it for many other purposes! Just set the alarm cycle time accordingly!

Sitting for long periods of time could probably cause many back and neck strains/pains. It is good to stand up and do some exercise between long hours of sitting. This program helps remind you not to sit too long. This version 1.0 of SitSatSat is FREE. Please do good and stay far away from bad.

Please help the orphans, the poor, the needy, the victims of war, the victims of natural disasters, the disabled and all that need help around the world!


Same installation as with other java programs. (Refer to your phone's manual) For example:

- You can use your phone's PC Suite to install the program. The JAR and JAD files are provided in the zip file together with this Readme file.

- You can use some connectivity (such as Bluetooth or Infrared) to transfer the JAR file to your phone, it would appear in the INBOX and the installation would start from there. (as on some Series 60 phones)


The timer starts when you start the program. Use the "Re-Sit" option to reset the timer. Use "Set Cycle time" to change the timer's alarm cycle. The program would sound an alarm for every cycle. If you use this program as an all-purpose cyclic alarm, just set the cycle time as you want ("Set Cycle time") and press "Re-Sit" to reset the alarm.

SPECIAL "RUN IN BACKGROUND" FEATURE FOR SERIES 60 PHONES: (Tested on Nokia 3650, 6630 and Siemens SX1 only, please provide some feedback to the developer about other phones.)

When the program has started, you can press the Series60-specific "Applicaitons button" (the button you use to get to the phone's main menu) to leave SitSatSat in the background, SitSatSat would then get the screen when a cycle is reached - alarming you to stand up and do some exercise.

If you press the "Exit" command, the program would stop and exit completely - press it when you want to completely stop the program.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3650, Nokia 6630, Siemens SX1

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Health & Fitness

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