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Create an SMS diary from your text messages in your phone.
Last Update:February 4th 2008
Author:Ola Melen
User Rating:5.00
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:A happy user
ID's:HID: 204233, AAID: 17911

Author's Description

The SMS diary application reads all your SMS messages in your phone (but do not delete them, of course) and creates a diary out of them. The diary consists of three web pages (HTML files); one page with a table of contents and statistics on how many messages you have sent and received, one page lists all your messages sorted by date and the third page lists all messages sorted by name. The web pages are saved on the memory card if there is a memory card available, otherwise the pages are saved in the internal phone memory. After the diary has been created you can transfer the web-pages to your pc and store them for future use.

Compatible Devices

Motorola RIZR Z8, Sony Ericsson M600i, Sony Ericsson P1, Sony Ericsson P990, Sony Ericsson W950i

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