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Be protected against SPAM and unwanted persons!
Last Update:June 17th 2004
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Author's Description

Be protected against SPAM and unwanted persons!

Learn how to stop junk SMS messages on your phone. SMSSpamKiller is the easiest way to manage your messages and effectively eliminate spam. Discover the safe way to stop unwanted messages that get to your smartphone. It can even be used as an excellent privacy tool.

Features and benefits:

Analyse: SMSSpamKiller analyses each incoming message as it arrives, checking and filtering it if it is suspected to be a junk message. It uses a customizable list of blacklisted senders numbers and even content filters to filter out potential spammer messages.

Delete: Automatic deletion of unwanted messages. When a junk message arrives you won''t be disturbed by message alarm. You even won''t know about junk message. SMSSpamKiller will handle it. Your time is only your time, don''t waste it on spammers.

Friends List: Add here your friends addresses and they will always be recognized.

Log: Curious how much spam comes to your phone? Or want to be sure that no non-spam message is blocked? SMSSpamKiller log is for you. Here you can find messages deleted by SMSSpamKiller. You can even define for how many days deleted message should be kept in a log. After this junk message will be automatically and permanently removed from your phone not to waste your device space.

Easy to use. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand and allows you to create and manage custom messaging filter rules in seconds.

How to get started:

After starting the program you''ll see the main program view. By pressing the right arrow button you''ll switch to the list of automatically deleted messages (log), by pressing left button you''ll switch back to the main view.

Main view (Filters view) consists of the filters list. Only one filter called ''Friends'' is set by default.

Friends list: add here your friends (trusted) addresses and they will always be recognized. You''ll always receive messages from defined persons in this list regardless of other filters. As any other filter ''Friends'' filter has to be activated to filter messages.

Adding new filters:

To create a new filter use ''Add filter'' submenu. You can create 2 kinds of filters:

Correspondent filter: in this filter you can define a list of addresses of known spammers. All messages that will come from addresses listed here will be automatically blocked by SMSSpamKiller (if this filter is activated and the filter behaviour is set to BlackList). In this filter you can list persons from your contacts book, groups of persons from your contacts book or simply custom phone numbers

Text filter: content filter allows you to filter out potential spammer messages. In Text field you should specify keyword or keywords that SMSSpamKiller will try to find in all incoming messages. If they are found the message will be blocked (if this filter is activated and filter behaviour is set to BlackList)

As a text you must specify an exact keyword you want to filter out! All spaces are counted as well. You can use a combination of some keywords in one filter, uniting them with & character. If so, all listed keywords in a filter have to be found in target message to automatically block the message.

Example of text field:

Viagra: if word ''viagra'' will be found in any place of the message then the message will be blocked

Viagra&Order: if BOTH words ''viagra'' and ''order'' will be found in any place of the message, in any order, etc, the message will be blocked (Message example: ''Preorder the cheapest viagra today! ...'')

Hint: you can have any number of content filters. SpamKiller will apply all activated filters to the incoming message and if at least one filter will block the message it will be automatically filtered out.

You can set up behaviour for each filter. There are 2 types of behaviours:

BlackList: Default one. If a sender address is found in Correspondent filter or a filter keyword is found in a message (content filter) then the message will be blocked.

WhiteList : Good to be used when you want to use SpamKiller as a privacy tool. E.g. if Correspondent filter has WhiteList behaviour it will block all

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia Series 60, Siemens SX1

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