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Never again miss an important SMS! SMSReminder essentially increases the performance of your smartphone!
Last Update:February 14th 2004
Author:Rock Your Mobile!
User Rating:4.50
License:Sent by developer w/in 2 business days
Requirements:Works on all devices!
ID's:HID: 99032, AAID: 4835

Author's Description

Never again miss an important SMS! SMSReminder essentially increases the performance of your smartphone! It uses music, speech or tones to draw your attention to a received but not opened yet sms message.

Too bad! You have received an important sms message but have not heard the signal. Now the message is waiting for you in your inbox to be noticed.

Surely your business partner, your wife or your relatives will not be happy, if you open their message hours later. In the contrary! They will not understand that the most powerful smartphone of the world - your smartphone - is not equipped with an sms reminder function.

It''s so easy to miss an incoming SMS or MMS alarm especially if the smartphone was placed in another room for this moment, in a leather wallet or in your jacket when you''re in car on the street, etc. Of course, you don''t want to check the display constantly to ensure that you have not missed an important message you might be waiting for. You see, there are many reasons to use the SmsReminder!

To use SMSReminder you should start SMSReminder application to configure it for the first time and then to activate it.

When activated there is no need to keep SMSReminder application opened. You can close it to not waste your device memory. Moreover, SMSRemider application can be compressed with Stacker application (even while activated!)

How does it work:

While SMSReminder is activated: when new SMS or MMS arrives you hear a system default sound (incoming message sound). If "switch to phone" option is selected in SMSReminder then SMSReminder immediately will switch to the Phone application that shows "You have" window describing how many unread sms or mms you currently have.

If you haven''t check newly arrived message for some time (defined in SmsReminder "Remind period") then SMSReminder will show its own "You have" window and will play alarm. If you still don''t check new SMS or MMS then SMSReminder will play alarm again after some minutes ("Remind period"). There is ability to snooze or to go directly to the Inbox immediately with highlighting first unread message.

Of course it could be highly annoying when you receive a message at night and SMSReminder notifies you about it for the whole night. That''s why you can set up period when SMSReminder is allowed to notify you only (set "Time restriction" to ''yes'' and in "Start time" and "End time" fields fill in the period when SmsReminder is allowed to notify you).

Compatible Devices

BenQ P30, BenQ P31, Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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