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RoadSync wirelessly synronizes your Outlook email, calendar, and contacts.
Last Update:October 17th 2007
Author:DataViz, Inc.
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License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Supports RIZR Z8 only
ID's:HID: 214825, AAID: 20543

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Top 5 Features & Benefits

RoadSync For Motorola MOTO Z8

Now, wherever you go with your Motorola MOTO Z8, your e-mail, calendar, and contacts will be with you too. There is no need to pay monthly service fees, install a separate email server, or even synchronize with your PC. RoadSync is based on Exchange ActiveSync technology licensed directly from Microsoft to provide instant wireless synchronization of your Outlook e-mail, calendar, and contacts.

Top 5 Features & Benefits

1. RoadSync works in the background so you can focus on reading & creating e-mails, finding a phone number, or updating your calendar appointments. There's no tricky application to learn. Simply rely on RoadSync to wirelessly synchronize your phone with the Exchange server.

2. RoadSync saves you money by wirelessly synchronizing directly to your Exchange server thereby avoiding expensive IT costs and maintenance.

3. You can feel secure using RoadSync because it makes a direct and secure connection over SSL to ensure all your data is protected. Additionally, if you lose the phone, RoadSync supports "remote wipe" so that all of your e-mail, calendar, and contacts are deleted and then later can be easily synchronized with a new phone.

4. You will always be up-to-date because RoadSync instantly pushes new e-mail and calendar appointments to your phone. This allows you to manage your work load while out of the office and keep in touch via e-mail no matter where your are.

5. RoadSync offers options to help manage the amount of information pushed to your phone. For example, you can set limits to the size of email messages and then download the entire message at a later time. Or, the calendar settings can be adjusted to synchronize only a few days of appointments.

RoadSync is the connection to your office which allows you to be free to go wherever you please without feeling out of the loop. We encourage you to experience the unique benefits of RoadSync for yourself by downloading the fully functional 30 day trial.


RoadSync Takes Mobility To A Whole New Level


Have instant access to your inbox and use preferences to control how much email you want to receive and set size restrictions for the messages.


With RoadSync, all of your calendar appointments are easily accessible. Plus, you can even accept or decline meeting invitations.


Have instant access to all your contacts as well as add new contacts or make changes to current records.


Easily download e-mail attachments or send off important files directly from your phone.

Compatible Devices

Motorola RIZR Z8

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