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Quickword for Nokia Series 60 created from the award winning Quickoffice Suite for Palm devices
Last Update:July 31st 2003
User Rating:5.00
License:Sent by developer w/in 2 business days
ID's:HID: 75572, AAID: 14472

Author's Description

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If you need to view MS Word files, anytime, anywhere, Quickword makes it possible by putting full access to "mission critical" MS Word documents on any Series 60 smartphone!  With Quickword you can read native Microsoft® Word documents, as well as receive them as e-mail attachments. Opened documents are complete with most original formatting including color, varying font sizes, bolding, & italics.

Plus there's more!

·         MMC expansion card support

·         Use your smartphone to beam via infrared to and from PocketPCs or Palm OS devices running Quickword!

·         Menu option to Save documents from directly within MS Word

·         Receive native Word files via Bluetooth from your laptop or desktop computer, or from PocketPC devices.


Features by Release

Quickword 1.4
+ Multilanguage support for American, French, German, Spanish and Italian

Quickword 1.2
+ Contents of mail folders shown in file view
+ eBooks in 8-bit ASCII now supported (*.pdb or *.prc)
+ eBooks open using background loading
+ Dynamic hiding of "unlock" menu item in File View when QW is registered
+ Added Doc Format info file to Quickword.sis
+ Fixed crash when no documents present on device in File View
+ Fixed crash when opening QP / QS documents from File View
+ All specific GCC/MW warnings now removed
(Except multi-character constant and illegal empty line [caused by SDK])

Quickword 1.1
Initial release to market

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Nokia Series 60, Panasonic X700, SendoX, Siemens SX1

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