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Write your own apps or use the apps included: finance, currency and units converter, math, engineering and much more
Last Update:March 15th 2004
Author:cjudaleev software
User Rating:4.66
License:No key required
Requirements:Symbian 6.1
ID's:HID: 68856, AAID: 5707

Author's Description

Programable calculator
RPN based (Reverse Polish Notation)

  • Numbers:
    19 digits of precission (15 digits in screen).

  • Basic functions:
    + - x / 1/x %, %CH, %T

  • Presentation number modes:
    standard, fixed, scientific and money.

  • Real numbers functions:
    square and square root, power and root, logarithm and antilogarithm, exponential and natural logarithm, absolute, ceil, floor, integer part, fractional part, truncation, remainder, sign, round, random number generator.

  • Trigonometric functions:
    sine, cosine and tangent and its inverses.

  • Angular modes:
    degrees, sexagesimal grades and radians. Sexagesimal conversions.

  • Hyperbolic functions:
    sine, cosine, tangent and its inverses.

  • Stack functions:
    dup, dup2, drop, dropn, over, swap, rot, roll, rolld, keep.

  • Other features:
    the stack can grow only limited by the memory of the phone.

  • Quick memories:
    Ten memories to access data or programs.

  • Constants:
    pi, 1/pi, number e, 1/e, Infinite.

  • Others:
    date, time

    the programming language includes

  • Variables
    Names in national languages
    Numeric or string values

  • routines
    with local variables

  • instructions
    all above mentioned functions

  • conditional:
    if-then-else, case

  • iteratives:
    for, do, while with break and continue

  • dialogs:
    note, query, confirm, menu

  • strings:
    substrings, comparison, length, finding substrings, converting to/from numbers, Unicode conversion

  • lists:
    to/from stack, to/from file (persistent data)

  • parameters
    passing through programs
    call to other user programs, including recursive calls.

    Programs saved as typed, in text files.

    The load process is made at runtime. No intermediate files or processes.

    This means less memory use. Only are loaded the programs called.

    Trace mode for easy and quick error fixing.

    Quick and easy develop cycle. A program is written and tested in few minutes.

    The editor includes an inserting tool for language elements.

    Included reference and tutorial

    Apps available
  • units converter
  • finances
  • currencies
  • expenses
  • math & engineering
  • and more


    Web site:
  • Compatible Devices

    Nokia Series 60

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    Personal Finance, Science, Calculators, Calculators

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