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Pocket Cook is an award-winning recipe manager with 4,000 searchable recipes included.
Last Update:March 27th 2005
Author:Karl Krass
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Author's Description

Pocket Cook Deluxe Web Edition

Pocket Cook Deluxe Web Edition is a complete rewrite of the award winning Pocket Cook Deluxe. Our goal has been to create not just the best PDA Recipe Manager but the best Windows Recipe Manager- without exception.

Pocket Cook Deluxe Web Edition is the flag ship of our range and comprises three parts:

  • Windows Recipe Manager, described in full below. A fully fledged, powerful application that is among the best available today.

  • PDA Recipe Manager. You can choose which PDA or Phone you want to support at the time of installation, and you can change your mind if you later swap devices! You can use almost all Pocket PCs, Palm OS devices, Sony Ericsson P800/900 and most Nokia Series 60 phones. This PDA software is also available by itself as Pocket Cook Standard Web Edition. Alternatively it can be used without a PDA.

  • Pocket Cook Web Transfer between PC and PDA and PC and Web. A subscription to Pocket Cook Mobile is required to use this optional feature. More information on Pocket Cook Mobile is available from our web site

4000 recipes are included in the package and you can access another 5000 on the Pocket Cook Web Server. And with our comprehensive importing functions, you can easily import recipes from web sites you visit, or from the millions of recipes held in recipe collections on the web. You can nutritionally analyze your own recipes, and prepare menu plans based on your own nutritional requirements e.g. calories, or carb or fat.  Print and email recipes in lots of different ways and easily prepare shopping lists and transfer them and your menu plans to your PDA or to the Pocket Cook Web Server. A subscription to Pocket Cook Mobile is required for Web access.

Pocket Cook Awards

Windows Recipe Manager
Feature Highlights
  1. Support for unlimited numbers of cookbooks. Sync multiple cookbooks to your PDA.
  2. Transfer recipes, shopping lists and menu plans  between PDA and  PC, Web and PC and from the Web to your PDA. Three way syncing.
  3. Powerful searching functions- search by Course, Style, Nutritional content, keywords, tags, ingredients or all of these at once.
  4. Search for recipes based upon what you have on hand. e.g. What recipes can I make with cheese, tomatoes and polenta?
  5. Enhanced printing with support for selecting fonts, multiple page sizes including 6x4 index cards.
  6. Menu Planning and Shopping lists can be created and synced, printed and managed on the PC as well as the PDA and Web.
  7. Create Menus easily by dragging and dropping recipes on to your menu.
  8. Export to HTML , Text and MasterCook mxp format
  9. Comprehensive Importing functions with allowing you to cut and paste recipes from the web an import them with a couple of key strokes. Additionally you can import MasterCook mxp and mx2 export files and MealMaster export files.
  10. Re-written help and context driven help. Press F1 anywhere to get specific help on the feature.
  11. There is no need to be tied down to one type of PDA. You are welcome to install any of our supported PDA versions, though this must be done at the time of installation.
  12. Display recipes and shopping lists in Metric or US/SI units.
  13. Analyze your own recipes for nutritional content and look up our database of food items for a comprehensive nutrient analysis.
  14. Built in Message System to keep you informed of the latest updates and developments. Automatically displays any new messages on start up.
  15. Tag recipes with one of 4 tags. Then retrieve recipes based on those tags. Very handy for 'marking' a recipe as you browse through your cookbook.
  16. Display pictures of recipes.
  17. Resize the number of servings with a click of a button.
  18. Create Menus using one of 3 templates or based on another existing menu.
  19. Analyze a menu down to its total and average fat, carb, calories, protein etc. Quickly work out your daily, weekly or monthly intake of your chosen nutrient.
  20. Create a shopping list automatically from a menu plan.
  21. Email recipes to friends and family.
  22. Create your own supermarket list of aisles so that shopping lists can be sorted by this aisle.

PDA Recipe Manager
Feature Highlights

  1. Advanced Search capability - you can search for recipes by course, or by entering in the ingredients you have available and let Pocket Cook suggest appropriate recipes. You can also search by keyword and style.
  2. Create and edit and download menu plans and shopping lists. Upload them to the web for printing with a Pocket Cook Mobile subscription, or to your PC if you are using Pocket Cook Deluxe Web Edition.
  3. Support for Storage cards.
  4. Built in Recipe Timer.
  5. Create and Edit Recipes on the PDA.
  6. Initially comes with 1000 recipes but another 3000 are available for registered users.
  7. Hardware Key support for all PDAs and Jog Dial support for Sony Clie.
  8. High Resolution support for Palm OS devices that support it. (320 x 320)

and we also offer

  • FREE Upgrades to all new point releases
  • Technical Support: Free and Fast. We even have  Live Technical Support!
  • Walkthrough Tutorials demonstrating the main functions. Makes getting up and running a breeze.

We guarantee there is no other product on the market today with all the features that Pocket Cook Deluxe Web Edition has. And all for just US$24.95.

For more information, screenshots and walkthrough demonstrations of the product please visit .

Note: Only Arm or Intel XScale based Pocket PCs are supported. This includes all IPAQs, all Pocket PC 2002 models, all Windows Mobile 2003 models. All Palm models with OS3.1 or greater supported. Microsoft .Net Framework is required and automatically installed if not present on installation. All Windows Versions other than Windows 95 supported.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7650, Nokia Series 60, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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