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Most cost-efficient, all-in-one call controller on the market. PhonePilot is blackwhite list filter, call diverter, answering machine, call recorder and auto SMS responder!
Last Update:October 24th 2006
Author:Mobisophy Technologies, Inc.
User Rating:5.00
License:Provided with purchase
Requirements:Symbian v9.1 and above
ID's:HID: 198576, AAID: 16533

Author's Description

The 'for Symbian OS' logo means PhonePilot for S60 3rd by Mobisophy Technologies, Inc has been successfully tested in Symbian Signed. For more information visit


Most cost-efficient, all-in-one call controller! PhonePilot is the voice and video call management tool for everyone! It integrates all call control functions on the market, including: black/white list filter, call diverter, answering machine, call recorder and auto SMS responder.

Intuitive grouping method of incoming callers! PhonePilot's intuitive classification feature can let you divide incoming callers up to seven groups, including: callers on any five lists or phonebook, callers not on above lists/phonebook and callers with private number. You can assign one of seven responses to each group. Possible responses includes: accept, voice response, busy tone, busy + send SMS, divert calls to, record conversation and mute the ringer.

What you get

• Up to seven response methods for incoming callers

When an incoming voice or video callers in a specific list or phonebook, there are up to seven response methods for selection:

  • Accept
  • Voice Response (answering machine)
  • Send busy tone
  • Busy + send SMS
  • Divert calls to voicemail or other phone number
  • Record conversation
  • Mute the ringer

Notice: Both parties will hear a beep every five seconds when call record is processing. These beeps are generated by you phone automatically and can't be muted by software. It is used to remind both parties of recording conversation.

• Flexible, unlimited profiles

You can divide callers into up to seven groups, including five groups divided by phonebook or customizable lists, a group for callers not in above lists or phonebook and a group for private number callers. Then assign any response method above to any one group and save these configurations as a "profile". You can create unlimited profiles as you wish.

• Powerful scheduler

You can configure to activate any profile automatically at appointed time with a built-in scheduler. For example, Activating "Office" profile at 9:00am and "Off duty" profile at 7:00pm. Activating "Holiday" profile on Saturday and Sunday, etc...

• Complete parameters can be tailored to your preference

Adjustable parameters like:

  • Auto-run at power-on
  • Show indicator when running
  • Whether watch video ro fax calls
  • Delay before answering machine picking up
  • Answering machine timeout, etc...

Main features
  • All-in-one call control solution on the market
  • Un-limited, definable profiles to meet all your demand in any situation
  • Super fast incoming call number recognition and search engine. It can determine an incoming caller whether on phonebook or a list within a part of a second, even phonebook/list contains thousands of contacts
  • Flexible scheduler to enable you activate profiles automatically
  • Real-time incoming call dialog monitoring by listening and/or looking at dialog view
  • Take over or reject a voice response answered call anytime when answer machine is still in action
  • Auto run at power-on
  • Show an indicator on phone and menu screen when running

Devices supported
  • Nokia 3250/5500/E50/E60/E61/E62/E70/N71/N73/N80/N91/N92/N93

Languages supported
  • English
  • Italian
  • Traidtional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese

User Guide

You can get a user guide at

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Compatible Devices

Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E62, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N95

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