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Design,Create and Manage data form(database).You can design any customize form to add field(s) to it,eg:CreditCard,BankAccount and etc.Also,add criteria to filter and display data.
Last Update:January 6th 2008
User Rating:5.00
License:No key required
Requirements:Java enabled
ID's:HID: 199879, AAID: 16733

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PadSticker Buy Now ( FREE upgrade ) Handango Nokia Please backup your Metadata/Data and have a clean install if you have previous version
Homepage : Forum : Download Developing version ( Freeware ) : ( always the latest, Limited storage size >> 10k bytes ) Email : Feature History : FAQ :
History 25 Nov 2007 : 1.7.8 New feature : # Can copy and paste Date in all textbox # Can mark any Numeric field as a money field, and format it by $9999; 9,999; (9999) in Settings. Feature History :
It is similar to a Database, you can create Table ( Metadata ) and enter data in it. User can create their own Calendar / Contact / Event / Note / Password / Todo / Diary / etc. There are some functionalities below : Metadata * There are some default Metadatas : Calendar / Contact / Event / Note / Password / Todo. * User can create Metadata on their own need. * Set the data range of each field. * Add more item to option field once you edit any existing Metadata. * Clone Metadata. * There are 9 fields to choose : Text : Either normal single text or multiple choices. Numeric : Either normal single number or multiple choices. Boolean : Example Sex, Male and Female. Date : Year, Month and Day. Time : Hour and Minute. Date Time : Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute. ( The format of 3 field type above are controlled by Settings. ) Phone Number : Phone number. URL : Internet address, ( User can make the call or go to the URL by the record ) Email : Email address, like Multiple option field : allow user to choose more than one item Settings * Bar color : There are 10 colors to choose for the bar color in list mode * Confirm to exit : Popup an alert to ask once user press exit * Show range : Show a data range of each field when you are filling the data, like "Name ( 1 ~ 255 ) :" * Show datetime : Show datetime added and updated in contant mode, like Datetime added: 04-Aug-2007, Sat 08:36:02 PM Datetime updated: 04-Aug-2007, Sat 08:36:02 PM * Save sms : Save all sent sms, check it out in "Menu"-"Sms outbox" * Hide empty field : In content mode, can hide the field which doesn't contain data * Date format : Format all of the Date format; * Time format : Format all of the Time format; * Font size : Set the font Size : small / middle / large; * Encoding : If user needs to export data in non-english format, he has to fill in the "Encoding", for instance, Simplified Chinese is "MS936". Default value of "Encoding" for English is blank. Please goto to check what Encoding is the best for your need. * Show runtime bar : You can show the bar on the top. You can know how much rest of your Phone Memory and Data Storage usage, if this option is on, program has to keep track of them, it will spend some processing time. * License code : In the commercial version, fill in the license code to unlock the storage limitation ( 10K bytes ) Filter f00 * Sort by : can sort by "[ Size ]", "[ Datetime added ]", "[ Datetime updated ]" and Fields of the Metadata * First level : can choose "[ Datetime added ]", "[ Datetime updated ]" and Fields of the Metadata * Second level : can choose ( None ), "[ Datetime added ]", "[ Datetime updated ]" and Fields of the Metadata * Display line : can choose 1 or 2 * Marked : only display marked item * Ticked : only display ticked item [ If Display line is 1, Second level is ( None ) If Display line is 2, Second level is ( None ) f01 If Display line is 1, Second level is one of the Fields f02 If Display line is 2, Second level is one of the Fields f03 ] Can filter by date range if the Metadata includes any date/time field Basic * call/sms/url Surf the internet address if the record include URL / Website. Make a call if the Metadata includes PhoneNumber field. SMS if the Metadata includes PhoneNumber field. * Mark ( # ) records to highlight them, the state will be saved and remain in next entry. * Tick ( * ) records to remove or filter them. * Clone any record. * Undo delete to cancel the previous delete action * Provide basic text operations like cut, copy and paste. * history : User can select the previous inserted values. * User can use goto to jump to any record if they know the record ordering no. * Press 7 to show today datetime. * SMS any field value in the Metadata by selecting Menu > SMS * View record in List and Content mode. * Set permission of each Metadata to lock them by password or set it free to open; All encrypted Metadata are underline style in Main Menu; * Save Filter settings for next time entry; * Filter any date field by day of week like Sun, Mon; * Add dot "." in any Numeric field, it's use for some phone model that they don't support "." in Numeric field; List mode * Filter the data and show by Fields in the Metadata. * Sum all Numeric field if the metadata include Number field * Show the total, max/min and average of Numeric value if the Metadata includes Numeric field * Show record in grouping. * Select the Field to display in the list and the Field to be the key to sort. * Sort by Datetime Added, Datetime Updated and Size * Select 2 fields to display in a line; * Display Date / Time by underline style if it's today; Content mode * Display all information from the record, including the Datetime Added and update. User can decide to show / hide in settings. Backup * Import / Export data even they are non-english words * Import, can import data from *.CSV files * Import, can import metadata structure from *.MET files * Export, can export all data into *.CSV files * Export, can export metadata structure into *.MET files * Can delete *.met and *.csv

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 7610, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E62, Nokia E70, Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N80, Nokia N90, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95

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