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View MS Office documents that is fully optimized for your Motorola MOTORIZR Z8 smartphone.
Last Update:August 16th 2007
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Requirements:3 MB of RAM or MMC
ID's:HID: 209768, AAID: 19141

Author's Description

Quickoffice v4 for MOTORIZR Z8
Experience Microsoft Office on your Z8 Smartphone!

Key Features of Quickword® Viewing
  • View Word documents in layout view that is fully optimized for your Motorola MOTORIZR Z8 smartphone.
  • Display documents main text in an inline view.
  • View native text formatting to include font colors, styles, bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Display and view native character and paragraph formatting.
  • View documents in landscape mode.
  • Find text within documents.
  • Displays both headers and footers in page layout view.
Key Features of Quicksheet® Viewing
  • View spreadsheets in the familiar grid formats, which is fully optimized for your Motorola phone.

  • Display and view cell and formatted text.

  • Display commonly recognized number formats such as: number, currency, date, accounting, scientific, percentage, etc.

  • Zoom in / zoom out functionality.

  • Find text within spreadsheets.

  • Find value / formula within spreadsheets.

  • Easily switch between multiple worksheets.

Key Features of Quickpoint® Viewing
  • Supports the following view modes: Slide, Notes, and Outline.

  • Allow full panning of PowerPoint files in slide mode.

  • Full screen viewing of slides.

  • Support for landscape mode for presentation viewing.

  • Display text formatting in slide outline view.

  • Display and view speaker notes for slides.


File Manager
  • Manage files from one, easy to manage location.
  • Navigate various file folders on the device and memory card.
  • View File Properties such as date modified, size, type, etc.

Compatible Devices

Motorola RIZR Z8

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Business & Professional, Document Management, Productivity, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Word Processing, Other

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