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Keep your recipes handy!
Last Update:November 4th 2005
Author:L3Solutions, LLC
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ID's:HID: 93376, AAID: 9938

Author's Description

Keep your recipes handy, with this fast, simple and easy to use recipe database. Whether you''re in the store shopping for groceries, in the kitchen cooking, or cuddled up on the sofa making meal plans, you won''t believe how useful it is to have your recipes in your PDA!

L3''s Cookbook comes with a small set of recipes to get you started, and an easy to use interface to add your own favorites. Since you only put in the recipes you actually want, the recipes are easier to find and take up less space.

Each recipe has a general information section, ingredients list, detailed cooking instructions, and optional comments and nutrition information.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia Series 60, SendoX, Siemens SX1

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