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Store medical prescriptions, Record doctor's voice advice ... And Never Forget Your Medications Again!
Last Update:May 5th 2011
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Author's Description

Why always forget to take your medications on time? Why need to remember which medication at what time to take? Why can?t you remember the doctor?s instructions? Why lose your prescriptions and find them nowhere?

Unlike expensive pillboxes and ugly medical watches, with medica, you can:

  • manage multiple multimedia prescriptions, with multiple medications each!
  • record doctor's audio instructions and keep on the treatment as he says!
  • set a flexible and customizable medication timetable, and medica will do the rest!
  • even capture a photo of the medication to remind you!
  • customize alarm tones, voices, repetitions, flashes, .... and NEVER forget a medication again.

Medica is perfect for chronic patients, nurses, and caregivers. Imagine being able to manage many patients with many prescriptions and a lot of medications ? VERY EASILY!


With medica, users can store unlimited number of prescriptions with multiple medications each. Prescriptions are managed (new/edit/delete/activate) in an intuitive and simple user interface. Medications are then added to each prescription, and can be easily accessed and managed. Medica offers the following functionalities :

  1. Add/Edit/Delete Prescription: Using the choice list.
  2. Activate/Deactivate Prescription: When a prescription is no longer at work, but is needed for archiving, you can simply deactivate it. You can reactivate it if you decide that it resumes working.
  3. Record Voice Instructions: With each prescription, you can record doctor's audio instructions on how to take the medications, and any useful medical advice. This is very useful to recall doctors instructions recorded just from his mouth.
  4. Add Medication(s) to a Prescription: After filling the prescription fields, you can add as many medications as it is prescribed. Each medication is appended to the list of medications under this prescription.
  5. Capture Medication Photo: For each medication, you have the option to use your mobile camera to capture a photo of the medication. This is very helpful to remind you which medication to take when the medication reminder goes off! You don?t need to learn medications names by heart anymore.
  6. Setting Flexible Medication Timetable: You can specify which time(s) at which weekday(s) you take the medication. Simply uncheck the day(s) you don't take the medication on.
  7. Customizable Reminders: You can customize the behavior of reminders. You can set volume level, reminder tone, voice reminder, respite period, snoozing period, flashing period, and others.
  8. Saving, Canceling, and Help Info: Each editing form has the option to save or cancel. Each form has an informational help dialog to explain each step to be done.

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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, Nokia N97

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