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New outliner with Word import/export and Outlook sync. Powerful & intuitive app manages all your ideas, notes, plans, tasks & appointments.
Last Update:June 17th 2007
Author:Mandala IT
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ID's:HID: 172572, AAID: 9325

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Smart Software for your Smartphone

If you just bought your smartphone to be an expensive way to make phone calls, you may be satisfied. But if you hoped it would really help you manage the details of your professional and private life you are probably disappointed. Most smartphone applications just cannot manage the large number of items you need. Driven by our own frustration with these limitations, we created Mandala. Mandala enables you to start using your smartphone as, well, as a smartphone ? as a tool that really helps you achieve your business and private goals. Try it and see why our users report that Mandala quickly becomes your most used and most valuable application and their central system for organizing key information.

Everything in One Place

Mandala lets you easily organize tasks, appointments, text notes, and hand-drawings into a single folder. For example, one folder could store all information about your work, or about a project, or any other topic. Of course appointments can also be viewed with the phone calendar and can sync with Outlook. Mandala also lets you import structured text from Word or Excel, transforming you smartphone into a growing encyclopedia where you collect all the key information you need, and have it instantly and easily accessible from a single system. With the optional Encryption Add-on, you can also include sensitive data in the same system, protected by strong 128-bit encryption.

Master Your Task Lists

Maybe you have tried to use your phone organize your tasks, but you probably found it a frustrating experience. Mandala lets you do a whole lot more than the standard task application. If you want to arrange tasks in order of priority, it’s a snap: just drag and drop as you would using a mouse on the PC. If you have many tasks and you wish to arrange them into subfolders, no problem: Mandala lets you build a hierarchy of items and folders with unlimited depth so you collect together tasks for one subproject, no matter how many tasks or projects you have. This combination of power features and intuitive user interface lets you easily manage literally thousands of items if you need to! Try it and you will soon agree that it goes fundamentally beyond the limitations of the standard phone applications.

Master Your Time

Maybe you want to use an advanced time management system such as David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD), or Steve Covey’s Seven Habits / First Things First, or Tony Robbins’ Time of Your Life. Mandala is flexible and powerful enough to let you implement the principles behind these methods. By using Mandala’s features such as flexible folder system, drag and drop, and ability to quickly set item priorities, you can organize your goals, project information and other data according to the principles of your preferred time managment system.

Increase Your Productivity

Mandala is a powerful outliner that lets you use your smartphone to create, view and edit multiple large structured text documents, in spite of the small screen. Exporting to Word/RTF preserves the document structure (headings, subheadings, etc.) lets you easily convert to other structured text formats, such as PowerPoint, PDF, and web pages. Thus you can use to Mandala to create complex documents, such as reports, presentations, or text for web pages. With Mandala’s extensive support of external keyboards, this enables you to be productive at times when your laptop is not available.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Mandala has a clean, professionally designed user interface, similar to Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder, but adapted to small screens. It lets you easily manage items like on a PC, by drag & drop, copy & paste, subfolders, and shortcuts. You can also easily access your data with one hand via the jog dial. Mandala has many other useful features like undo, history, extensive user documentation and support for external keyboards - making it fast, fun, and easy to use.

Compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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